DIY Organic Sugar Exfoliating Body Cubes

Tried these and love how they turned out! Very easy and works great for dry skin!


1. 310g Shea Butter melt and pour soap base.

2. 1 cup organic coconut oil

3. 1 1/2 cups organic sugar

4. 8 g Fragrance Oil. Here I used Sea Salt, Espresso, Vanilla and Lovespell, all by Brambleberry!

5. 1tsp mica, here I used blue, party punk, gold sparkle and espresso, all by Brambleberry!


1. Chip soap base into squares

2. Melt in 45 second bursts in microwave, stir gently

3. Once melted add coconut oil and whisk.

4. Add fragrance oil and mica. Whisk again until thoroughly blended.

5. Add sugar. Whisk quickly as the batter thickens quick once the sugar is added.

6. Pour into molds and let set. I used two molds, an individual heart silicone mold usually used for chocolates, and a 6 square soap mold, Brambleberry!

7. Pop out of molds and cut the square bars into cubes. The hearts are perfect once popped out of mold.

8. Store as you like, I had these soap boxes that hold 4 cubes perfectly!

9. Use in the bath or shower on feet or anywhere for gentle exfoliating!

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