Easy DIY Loofah Soap

I got inspired to try this when thinking about ways to save time in the bath or shower! This easy project takes minutes and you can enjoy these soaps for months or give away as gifts!


1. 1 large loofah sponge

2. 1 pound of melt and pour soap base

3. Microwave safe pitcher

4. Silicone spoon

5. Fragrance oil

6. Round silicone soap mold


1. Weigh out one pound of melt and pour soap base.

2. Melt in microwave on 45 second bursts stirring gently until fully melted.

3. Cut loofah sponge into 1 inch thick pieces. My sponge gave me 9 pieces.

4. Place loofah sponge in soap mold.

5. Add desired amount of fragrance oil to melted soap base and gently stir.

6. Pour soap into mold.

7. Let soap harden 4-6 hours or until done setting.

8. Pop soap out of mold

9. Wrap or package as desired and enjoy!

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