Organic Infused Rose Oil

I’m doing more oil infusions for my handmade beauty products. Here I chose the cold infusion method. I used organic dried rose petals, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Rose oil can help nourish and regenerate skin. It has a lovely, light scent and also helps to brighten complexion and increase skin tone!


1. Sterilize a canning jar.

2. Dry thoroughly!

3. Add dried rose petals to the jar filling it almost to the top. I like to leave a few inches so the lid closes cleanly.

4. Cover rose petals with Sunflower Oil until just covered.

5. Add Sweet Almond Oil until the mixture reaches the desired level.

6. Close lid and gentle shake. Label and date!

7. Place in a sunny spot and let infuse for 2-3 weeks.

Use in DIY soaps, lip balm, body oil, bath oil…

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