Handmade Natural Shea Butter Soap

This is an easy soap to attempt if just starting out making natural soaps. This is a gentle but moisturizing body bar that’s great for sensitive skin. Shea Butter is ultra moisturizing! This is unscented.

As always wear protective goggles, gloves, wear long sleeves and mix the lye into your water outside in a well ventilated area away from kids and pets!

My Recipe

4.8 ounces olive oil

4.8 ounces coconut oil

3.2 ounces Shea Butter

3.2 ounces grapeseed oil

6 ounces distilled water

2.2 ounces lye



Digital scale

Measuring bowls

Protective goggles, gloves

Long sleeve shirt

Log mold

Soap cutter

Silicone spatula


1. Melt Shea Butter in microwave until melted.

2. Combine oils in crockpot on medium heat.

3. Mix your lye into your water smirky outside, stirring gently until dissolved.

4. Once lye/water is cooled (it will go clear), add to oils in crockpot.

5. Pulse with hand mixer until light trace (resembles thin pudding)

6. Cover with lid and stir every 15 minutes until the mixture resembles mashed potatoes

7. Pour into mold and cover immediately with a towel.

8. Check after 24 hour if it’s ready to pop out of mold. Wait up to 12 hours and try again.

9. Cut into bars and cure 2-4 weeks. I cured for four weeks to be on the safe side.

Enjoy your gentle, natural and moisturizing handmade soap!

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