DIY Natural Australian Pink Clay Mask

After doing some research on clays for masks I decided to try this. I did a test patch last night and my skin seemed fine so I made a fresh mask this morning and tried it! So easy and my skin feels amazingly soft and smooth and has a lovely glow! Pink Clay is the gentlest of clays and is great for sensitive skin. It helps shrink pores, softens detoxes, ands gently exfoliates skin. Rosehip oil had anti-aging benefits and helps moisturize and improve skin flexibility, and lavender essential oil is good for reducing redness and is anti-inflammatory! Honey is great for helping to unclog pores, is full of antioxidants and helps moisturize skin. At the end I posted a make up free selfie in natural light to show the effect the mask had on my skin.


2 tbsp water

1tsp organic creamed honey

1/2 tsp Organic Rosehip oil

2 drops Lavender essential oil

1 tbsp pink Australian Clay


1. Combine water and oils in a bowl

2. Slowly add water to the pink clay in a small bowl

3. Mix gently into a thin paste

4. Immediately paint onto a clean face and let dry 5-15 minutes. I used a face mask brush because it’s cleaner and more fun!

5. Rinse off gently with a warm facecloth

I recommend not using any moisturizer afterwards. I waited a few hours and applied a light moisturizer! This mask would be best before going to bed but I couldn’t wait!

As always, do a skin patch test before using

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