DIY Coffee Oil

Hi, a few weeks ago I shared the first part of making coffee oil. After a few weeks it’s done! I plan on using this to make my coffee eye balms. Coffee oil is known to help fight wrinkles and helps to reduce dark circles under eyes. I’ve been using my eye balm for about 2 months and noticed a huge difference! For this recipe I used organic olive oil, jojoba oil and organic fair trade dark roast coffee beans!


1.After grinding the beans and adding to oil I put my jars in a sunny spot and gave them a gentle shake every morning.

2.After three weeks it was ready! Here I first used a small strainer to strain the bigger chunks of the coffee beans into a jar

3.Next I strained the oil through cheesecloth to get rid of the tiny coffee chunks

4.I am storing the coffee oil in a cool, dry spot until I’m ready to use!

This was really very easy to do! Try it!

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