DIY Goatsmilk Pumice Gardiners Soap

After a few tries I perfected this Gardiners Soap! Here I used Goatsmilk soap base, Pumice sand, Evergreen Mica and Coconut Mango fragrance oil, all from Brambleberry! Pumice sand is great for getting dirt and grime off of hands after a day in the garden!


1. Chop up soap base into squares. Measure 1 pound on digital scale

2. Melt the soap base in microwave on 30 second intervals. Stir gently until melted. Remove 1/4 cup of the base and combine with 2tsp mica powder in a glass bowl. Set that aside

3. Wait 5 minutes then add 2tbsp Pumice sand to the soap base. Stir quickly but gently!

4. Add 1tsp Coconut Mango fragrance oil and stir gently.

5. Add the 1/4 cup green tinted soap base and stir to combine.

6. Pour into mold. Wait 4-6 hours until set then pop Soap out of mold and enjoy!

This recipe made 3 large circular soaps!

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