Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Soap

Experimental recipe but like how this soap turned out! I used 2 cups m&p Shea Butter soap, 1/2 cup mixed fine and medium Himalayan Sea Salt, and 1 tbsp Super Pearly White Mica Powder, and 1 tbsp Cotton Candy fragrance oil, all Brambleberry except the seal Salts. Smells amazing and feels luxurious! Moisturizing and exfoliating!

I measured and melted the soap in 30 second bursts in my microwave, stirring gently. Once melted I added the Mica powder and fragrance and stirred gently. Added the sea salt and quickly stirred again. Poured into my heart mold and gave a quick spritz of isopropyl 91% alcohol to eliminate bubbles !
Love this Mica! I have used in soap, lip balms, butters and hilighters!
Such a sweet smell! Perfect for this girly soap! Cotton Candy!
Wrapped and ready to use!
Truth! I love making soaps!

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